Shrimp is one of our easiest, favorite meals to prepare, but sometimes it’s hard to get them tasting fresh and full of flavor. Here’s what we do…

The best way to buy shrimp is frozen. Shrimp usually are frozen right after they’re caught. The best way to thaw them is overnight in your fridge.

To get the fullest flavor from shrimp, prepare them with their shells on (but deveined), simmering in water with pickling spice till the shrimp turn pink.

For a real taste treat, simmer your shrimp in beer: Bring a 12-ounce bottle of beer (a pale ale or anything not dark) to a simmer (just about boiling). Drop a dozen large shrimp in, and simmer till the shrimp turn pink—about five minutes. This gives the shrimp great flavor, whether the shells are on or off. (We’ve also done this for a minute or two with already cooked, peeled and cleaned shrimp…delicious!)

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