The idea that one minute of exercise could lead to big fitness results seems crazy. But the science behind it keeps getting stronger.

In a new study, Canadian researchers found that just one minute of intense exercise mixed in with easy exercise—a system called sprint interval training (SIT)—improved cardiorespiratory health, insulin sensitivity and muscle just as well as 45 minutes of traditional endurance training. The researchers studied sedentary normal-weight young men (average age 28).

The entire cycling workout took only 10 minutes…

  • Two minutes of easy warm up
  • 20 seconds of “all-out” cycling
  • Two minutes easy
  • 20 seconds all out
  • Two minutes easy
  • 20 seconds all out
  • Three minutes easy to cool down

Are you pumped yet? The good news is that cycling is just one way to do SIT. Any aerobic activity will do—including running up and down a flight of stairs!

Learn more about the technique in Bottom Line’s The One-Minute Workout Miracle.

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