When you need a little help with your game

If you love golf but struggle with arthritis, back pain or other conditions that limit your play, help is available through a wide variety of nifty golf accessories and adaptive equipment…


Specially designed gloves and grips can make holding the club easier.

Bionic Golf Gloves are designed with extra padding in the palm and finger joints that can improve grip and require less effort. Cost: $14.99 to $29.99 each glove. (877-524-6642, www.BionicGloves.com)

Powerglove has a small strap attached to the glove that loops around the club grip to secure it in your hand and keep it from slipping during the swing. Cost: $19.95 per glove. (800-836-3760, www.PowerGlove.com)

Oversized grips make gripping clubs easier and also are very good at absorbing shock when you don’t hit the ball. Oversized grips usually are one-sixteenth-inch or one-eighth-inch larger in diameter than a standard grip and cost around $10 per grip. You can find these grips (and have them installed) at your local golf store or pro shop.

Quantum Grip is a grip-and-glove- combination product, which incorporates Velcro material recessed in the golf club grip and a companion golf glove that has mating Velcro material in the palm. This ensures gripping power and prevents the club from slipping in your hand. Cost: $29.95 per grip or $188.95 for a set of seven, plus $39.95 per glove. (855-692-3784, www.QuantumGrip.com)


A number of innovative gadgets can eliminate the repetitive bending and stooping that golf entails. To find dozens of these, visit www.UprightGolf.com (319-415-5035). Some of the best…

Upright Putting Pack includes the Upright Claw, a small, plastic, four-finger gripping tool that screws into the hole on the end of the putter grip…and the Marker Mag, which is a small magnetically treated sticker that adheres to the bottom of your putter head…and a magnetic ball marker that you can rub on the putting green to release the magnetic hold. Cost: $11.99.

Upright Golf Stick is a modified golf shaft with a plastic tee-and-ball- holder device attached to the end of it that allows you to insert the tee in the ground…place the ball on the tee…and retrieve the tee. Cost: $39.99.

Kool Tee is a 30-inch aluminum device that has a spring-loaded ball-and-tee holder and a pistol-grip trigger that releases the ball/tee when you insert it into the ground. It also has a suction cup tip for picking up the ball and a medal spade that slides out of the shaft tip to repair divots. Cost: $69.95, which includes 12 custom tees and a bag clip. (800-324-6205)


Ergonomically designed golf carts can help you transport your golf bag and clubs around the course. Two options…

Bag Boy TriSwivel is a three-wheel push cart with a 360-degree rotating front wheel for easy maneuverability. Cost: $250.

Bag Boy also offers a padded cart seat accessory for $50 that attaches to the push-cart wheel base so that you can sit down whenever you need a rest. (800-955-2269, www.BagBoyCompany.com)

SoloRider offers specialized electric carts for people with more severe mobility problems. The carts enable golfers to play golf from a seated or standing-but-supported position. These single-rider golf carts have hand controls and a swivel seat with an electric stand-up mechanism. They are lightweight and precisely balanced so that they can be driven right onto tees and greens without damaging the course. Federal ADA laws require that all publicly owned golf courses allow them. Cost: $9,450, plus a $500 shipping fee. (800-898-3353, www.SoloRider.com)

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