Your rubber husband is missing, or maybe you’ve got a jar lid that just won’t budge, no matter how many husbands you use! Here’s some help from around the house to open that stuck jar…

Hand in glove: To open a stubborn jar, put on a pair of rubber gloves. Then, get a good grasp and twist the lid counterclockwise.

Hot-water treatment: Still stuck? Turn the jar upside down, and let the hot tap water run over it for about a minute. Then turn it right-side up, put on those rubber gloves, and try again to open it.

Rubber bands to the rescue: Put a thick rubber band around the lid of the jar and another rubber band around the middle of the jar. Grasp a band with each hand and twist the lid counterclockwise.

Give it a wedge: Vacuum-sealed jars often are hard to budge, but they may be opened with the help of a small screwdriver. Carefully slip the tip of the screwdriver under the edge of the lid, and turn it a little to allow air to seep in and unseal the lid. It should open easily.

Make it easy: If you’re dealing with a jar of something sticky—such as honey, maple syrup or jam—after it’s opened, dab a coat of petroleum jelly lightly over the rim of the jar and the screw part of the lid. The jar will be easy to open from then on.

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