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Having a child head to college can be overwhelming for parents as well as students. College is more complicated than ever before. Grade pressures…drug fears…extensive packing lists…social pressures—it’s the best of times and the most frightening of times for many new students and their parents. Enter Alison Leigh Cowan, former reporter and editor for The New York Times and editor of the newly updated and expanded How to Survive Your Freshman Year.

In this episode of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast, Alison and Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner help parents understand their child’s experience at college and how to provide the right level of support.

Topics include…

  • Addressing the myths of the college experience (2:45 – 5:40)
  • How to handle choosing a major and exploring different majors and taking risks (5:40 – 9:00)
  • Dealing with grades and the college schooling system (9:05 – 12:57)
  • Students adapting to independence and separating from their parents (13:04 – 16:53)
  • Advice for those who don’t take the traditional college route (17:00 – 19:08)
  • How to handle having a job in college (19:08 – 19:50)
  • Time-management advice for students (19:52 – 21:45)
  • Communicating with parents (21:46 – 23:50)
  • Dealing with roommates and finding friends (23:51 – 30:55)
  • Staying safe in college (drugs and alcohol, Greek life, helpful apps, study aids, etc.) (30:58 – 45:40)

You can learn more about the book, How to Survive Your Freshman Year, 6th ed., by clicking here.

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