Travel bargains this summer stretch from Las Vegas to Europe. The euro currency’s continuing weakness makes Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain attractive, and these countries’ slow economies will lead to discounts to lure tourists. Look for hotel packages in Spain. In Ireland, Web sites such as and can help you find an inexpensive home to rent. Consider the Greek mainland, not just the islands. Portugal’s cost of living is lower than that of other western European nations, which keeps tourist prices lower.

Within the US: Las Vegas is an excellent value because many new hotel rooms were planned just before the recession hit, and they are just now coming onto the already glutted market. And states with a lower cost of living, such as West Virginia, Alabama and Arkansas, offer surprising attractions. Example: In Bentonville, Arkansas, the brand-new, world-class Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, which opened last November, offers free admission to permanent exhibits, underwritten by Walmart.

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