How did that magazine page get stuck to your table? It’s best not to know. And do you really have to live with that stubborn bathroom door? Or drawer? How did everything get so sticky? Here are ways to get unstuck…

Stuck-drawer waxer: Do you have a desk or armoire drawer that fights you every time you try to open or close it? Go over the tracks or runners of a drawer with a bar of soap or some leftover candle wax, and your drawer will practically open and close by itself.

Rough love for a stubborn door: Find the exact spot that causes the door to stick, then sandpaper it down a little at a time until it no longer sticks. If the bottom of the door is rubbing, wedge coarse sandpaper between the floor and the door, and open and close, open and close, until the trouble spot is sanded down. Note: To make sure you sand the door and not the floor, staple a piece of thin cardboard on the bottom of the sandpaper—it should rest on the floor while the coarse sandpaper is up against the bottom of the door.

Bumper sticker removers: Saturate a cloth with white vinegar, and cover the sticker with it. Wait at least 30 minutes for the vinegar to soak through and dissolve the glue. Then peel off the sticker, or gently scrape it off with a straight edge like a credit card. If some glue still remains, you can rub it off with a rag or a sponge moistened with a bit of vegetable oil or mayonnaise. Note: Vinegar should not harm average auto paint or windshield, but it could pit or dissolve any special detailing, wax treatment (which you could reapply) or rubber material, so make sure you know what your sticker is sticking to.

Dissolving spray: For that magazine page or paper stuck to a wooden table or window sill, mix two parts white vinegar with one part warm water, spray, wait a few seconds, then wipe away the sticky debris. Be sure to dry the area quickly and completely. Note again: Vinegar should not be used on waxed furniture.

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