Bottom Line Inc President Sara Hiner introduces women’s health expert Dr. Holly Lucille, an author, lecturer, radio host, product consultant and now writer for Bottom Line Inc’s blog The Natural Side of Menopause. From a young age, Dr. Lucille has been interested in health, but when she discovered naturopathic medicine, she felt that she had discovered her calling. Dr. Lucille highlights some of the important principles of naturopathic medicine including identifying and treating the cause, treating the whole person, the doctor is a teacher, prevention is the cure and the healing power of nature. Dr. Lucille has a particular passion for menopause, striving to redefine it as a normal part of a woman’s life that should be celebrated.

For more information, check out Dr. Holly Lucille’s website, or buy her book, Creating and Maintaining Balance: A Woman’s Guide to Safe Natural Hormone Health

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