In this video, Bottom Line Inc President Sarah Hiner introduces noted cardiologist and women’s health expert, Suzanne Steinbaum, DO. Dr. Steinbaum, author of Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum’s Heart Book: Every Woman’s Guide to a Heart Healthy Life and Bottom Line’s “At the Heart of It All” blog, explains how she had an eye-opening moment early in her career when she realized that the prevailing medical wisdom of the time—which stated that women simply did not get heart disease—was wrong. Since then, she has dedicated herself to preventing heart disease in women through diet, exercise and other lifestyle interventions. In doing so, Dr. Steinbaum has has helped ensure that women are no longer ignored when it comes to heart health. Encouragingly, she asserts that 80% to 90% of women can prevent cardiovascular disease altogether by taking charge of their own health.

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