A recent large-scale study has found that the more frequently a man has sex, the less likely he is to get prostate cancer. Dr. Geo Espinosa, ND, LAc, IFMCP, CNS, clinical assistant professor of integrative and functional urology at New York University and author of Thrive—Don’t Survive: Dr. Geo’s Guide to Living Your Best Life Before & After Prostate Cancer, discusses the results of this study. Men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month have lower risk for prostate cancer. There is also evidence that ejaculation prevents men from developing more aggressive forms of this cancer. These results were consistent in men who had sex with a partner and men who masturbated. The possible reasons for the decreased prostate cancer risk, suggests Dr. Geo, are that ejaculation prevents semen buildup and that semen has antimicrobial properties.

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