Skin cancer isn’t caused only by the sun…and it most certainly is not only a “summer thing.” There are all kinds of risk factors for skin cancer—some quite shocking.

What you must do: The Bottom Line Guide to Skin Cancer: Prevention, Detection and Treatment gives you critically important information for how to avoid ever getting this disease, how to make sure your doctor thoroughly checks all the places where it might appear (including some you’d never think of)—and how to increase your chances for the best possible recovery if you do get skin cancer. For instance, we tell you about the cancer danger from your desk lamp (if it has this kind of lightbulb)…a popular drug that raises risk for deadly melanoma by 92%…the lifesaving conversation you should have with your hairdresser or barber…how a delicious beverage (you’re probably already drinking it) can protect against skin cancer…how to avoid disfiguring scars if you need facial surgery for melanoma…and lots more.

Read below about other ways—besides sun protection—to avoid skin cancer. It could save your life.

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