Whether you’re a man who’s currently dealing with prostate cancer or you’re cancer-free right now and want to do everything you can to stay that way, you can increase your chances of keeping your prostate—and the rest of you—healthy throughout your life. In fact, the vital information you’ll find here could keep you alive.

What you need: The Bottom Line Guide to Prostate Cancer: Prevention, Screening, Treatment, Recovery is a comprehensive collection of vital information about all aspects of prostate cancer from top experts in their fields. For instance, you’ll learn which surgical technique preserves your sex life…the treatment older men need to ask for if they have a certain kind of prostate cancer…two better alternatives to “watchful waiting”…why Vietnam veterans should ignore routine screening guidelines…if a certain supplement used to prevent prostate cancer does that—or not…and much, much more.

Read below for how to keep you prostate in prime shape—and how to have the best possible outcome if you get prostate cancer…

Risks and Prevention

Vietnam Veterans at Risk for Advanced Prostate Cancer

Surprising News About Preventing Prostate Cancer

Lack of Sperm Linked to Increased Cancer Risk

Circumcision for Prostate Cancer?

What You Need to Know About Screening…

Prostate Cancer Breakthroughs

To Test or Not? Smart New Thinking On PSA Screening for Prostate Cancer

New Prostate Cancer Test

Choosing the Right Treatment

Don’t Pass Up Lifesaving Prostate Cancer Therapy Because of Age

Better Prostate Cancer Treatment

The Prostate Cancer Treatment That Helps Preserve Sexual Function: Brachytherapy

The Prostate Cancer Action Plan—Better Than “Watchful Waiting”

For Prostate Cancer, Continuous Treatment Beats Intermittent Therapy

Should You Treat Your Prostate According to Your Race?

Finally New Hope for Prostate Patients

Recovery…and Beyond

Exercise Reduces Cancer Recurrence Risk

The Truth About Life After Prostate Cancer: Coping With Incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction

Prostate Cancer Treatment’s Startling Side Effect

Prostate Surgery May Lead to a Second Surgery—for Urinary Incontinence

Natural Therapies That Help

Worried That Fish Oil Causes Prostate Cancer? We Separate Facts from Hysteria

Allspice May Combat Prostate Cancer

Vegetable Fat Linked to Longer Life for Prostate Cancer Patients

Any Man Can Reduce His Risk of Getting Prostate Cancer

The Right Selenium Supplement for Prostate Health