Heartburn isn’t funny, especially if you’re the one suffering. You know all too well that many things—certain foods, stress, overeating, eating too fast—can set off an attack and send you running for antacids or purple pills. Such drugs do put out the fire, at least for the moment. But they don’t address the real reason you keep getting that sharp burning feeling. In the long run, they’re likely to make your heartburn worse, and even cause other, dangerous health problems.

Better way: The Bottom Line Guide to Drug-Free Relief from Heartburn will show you how to get natural relief from heartburn flare-ups without putting the rest of your health at risk. You’ll learn why proton pump inhibitors (think Nexium) and antacids (Rolaids, Tums) are not the answer…how a sleep aid or a hairbrush can ease your symptoms…the vitamin deficiency heartburn sufferers are likely to have…the sleeping position that relieves heartburn…and much more.

Read below for how to get real heartburn relief—maybe even permanently—without dangerous drugs…

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