If left untreated, GERD can cause serious health problems. On the other hand, the drugs used to treat GERD can cause serious health problems. We want you to be pain-free and healthy without any further problems—and here’s the best way to do that if you have GERD.

The Bottom Line Guide: Best Ways to Manage Your GERD offers you the information you need to make informed choices about medication…natural remedies that alleviate your pain and discomfort and reduce (or even eliminate) the need for drugs…important health issues to consider besides what’s going on in your esophagus…and much more. Check out the natural sleep supplement that calms your burning stomach…why your GERD might really be NERD (and what that is)…the bacteria linked to stomach problems (including cancer) that protects your esophagus…what you can get at a deli that relieves heartburn…the danger to your mouth—even if you’re treating your GERD…the vitamin deficiency your medications are causing…and much more.

Read below about these and other healthy ways to soothe the burning…

The Truth About GERD drugs…

Stomach-Churning News On PPI Drug Dangers

Is Your Heartburn Remedy Stealing Your Vitamin B-12?

Drugs That Work Against Each Other

Are Your Meds Making You Sick?

The Jekyll-and-Hyde Bacteria

Pickles and Other Natural GERD Remedies

Dr. Rubman on the Power of Pickles

Drug-Free Help for Chronic Heartburn

The Hormone That Helps Heartburn: Melatonin

Surprising Foods That Can Upset Your Stomach

Hypnosis Helps Allergies, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and More

Important Warnings…

Could Your GERD Actually Be Something Else?

Chronic Heartburn’s Unexpected Target: Teeth

Don’t Let Heartburn Turn Deadly