Your head hurts so much that you can’t think of anything else. Of course you want the pain to go away as fast as possible. But don’t just reach for heavy-duty drug painkillers. There are many safe, natural, effective ways to relieve the pain from tension, sinus, cluster or any other kind of headaches without using drugs. And many of these remedies not only relieve pain, but keep it from coming back—something drugs just don’t do.

The help you need: Bottom Line’s Guide to Headache Relief is a collection from our top experts of the best pain therapies and the specific kinds of headaches they treat, such as a therapy derived from the air you breathe every day that cures up to 70% of a certain kind of headache…a particular type of exercise that helps a particular type of headache…something you can do on your own with your tongue when pain strikes…the snack that restores the mineral deficiency that could be causing your chronic headaches…a “100-second cure” for head pain.

For details about these and many more ways to relieve your throbbing temples—maybe even for good!—read on…

Bonus: If you or someone you know suffers from migraines, check out the many treatments (some will surprise you) for this debilitating condition in Bottom Line’s Guide to Migraine Relief.


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