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Vaping was supposed to be the healthy alternative to smoking tobacco, but sadly, rather than reducing the number of smokers, it is increasing the number of nicotine users. Worse yet, as vaping gains popularity, we continue to learn more about the dangers of vaping.  These dangers came into full view recently with the deaths of more than 30 vapers and another 1,500 falling ill within a short period of time.  As the prevalence of vaping soars among teens, many parents are either under the false notion that vaping is “not so bad” or they are left wondering what to do and how to handle it. To provide some information on this controversial topic, we brought in Dr. Melinda Ickes. 

Dr. Ickes, director of graduate studies in the department of kinesiology and health promotion  at University of Kentucky, is a faculty associate for the Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy and the director of both Tobacco-free Take Action! and Go Tobacco-free, two initiatives to promote tobacco-free college campuses. 

In this edition of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast, Dr. Ickes joins Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner to discuss the hidden dangers of vaping.

Other topics include: 

  • Misunderstandings surrounding vaping (3:30 – 10:21)
  • Myths surrounding vaping (10:22 – 14:19)
  • Cigarettes vs. vaping – nicotine dosage (14:20 – 16:22)
  • Vaping flavors…catering to children (16:25 – 18:30)
  • Why vaping is dangerous (18:30 – 24:54)
  • A message for parents (24:55 – 26:33)
  • Pricing and packaging (26:40 – 30:20)
  • Tell-tale signs that your child is vaping – and how to approach him/her about quitting (30:27 – 35:16)
  • University of Kentucky’s anti-vaping programs (35:18 – 37:08)
  • Is there a substitute for vaping? (37:10 – 39:06)
  • How much of vaping problem is linked to social media? (41:05 – 42:50)
  • Advice for the 40+ crowd who vapes (42:52 – 45:43)

You can learn more about Dr. Ickes and her work by visiting  https://education.uky.edu/khp/grad/

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