According to Dr. Andrew Rubman, naturopathic physician and author of Bottom Line’s “Nature Doc’s Patient Diary” blog, headaches start in the gut. Irregularities in the gut can result in substances passing through the lining of the large intestine into the body. Once in circulation, these substances can have a profound effect on the body, causing headaches, migraines, and other problems. Dr. Rubman suggests detoxing the body with vitamins, probiotics and other supplements. For headache relief specifically, he recommends placing your feet in very cold water for a minute to circulate blood downward away from the head. Calcium and magnesium supplements, along with a healthy diet, also can help with headaches.

Andrew Rubman, ND, is a teacher as well as a physician, helping his patients make better-informed choices about their healthcare and become better consumers of both traditional and conventional medical options.  He is also a member of the Bottom Line Personal Panel of Experts. For more great tips from Dr. Rubman, check out his other videos and Bottom Line blog “Nature Doc’s Patient Diary” or visit his website,

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