The price of calories has never been cheaper in the US, according to Dr. David Sherer, anesthesiologist and author of Bottom Line’s What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You blog. It now is possible to get two days’ worth of calories for around $3 at fast-food restaurants, but these calories come from sources high in saturated fat, refined carbs and sugar. In the long run, these cheap calories end up causing serious health conditions that may require expensive doctors’ visits and medications. Dr. Sherer believes that healthy and inexpensive alternatives to fast food do exist. Buying these natural foods in bulk and preparing them at home can help keep costs down without sacrificing nutritional quality.

David Sherer, MD, is an American physician, inventor, and author. He currently practices anesthesiology in the suburbs of Washington D.C. and is a tireless advocate for hospitalized patients. For more great tips from Dr. Sherer, check out his other videos and Bottom Line blog “What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You.”

For more with Dr. Sherer, click here for his podcast and video interviews, or purchase his memoir, The House of Black and White: My Life with and Search for Louise Johnson Morris.

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