Besides limiting sugary foods, brushing, flossing and regular visits to your dentist, there are many other ways to improve your oral health—and you might not have heard of them.

The experts in the Bottom Line Guide to Surprising Ways to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy tell you what you didn’t know about how to avoid cavities…keep your gums healthy…deal with tooth emergencies and medical conditions that affect your teeth…and more.

Read more below in the Bottom Line Guide to Surprising Ways to Healthy Teeth and Gums.

Healthier Gums

For Healthier Teeth and Gums, Try Coconut Oil Pulling

Supplements That Help Prevent Gum Disease

How to Get Yourself to Floss Daily

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes When Brushing and Flossing


Protect Teeth from Cavities

2 Cavity-Fighting Foods

Dental Detectives: Holistic Dentistry for Whole-Body Health

The Longevity Secret That Most Doctors Forget to Talk About

Your Pearly Whites

The Best and Safest Teeth-Whitening Techniques

Look 15 Years Younger Just by Going to the Dentist

Whiten Your Teeth with Burnt Toast

Home Remedies for Pain and Healing

Eat This Before You Go to the Dentist

Relieve Tooth Pain Fast

This Tea Helps Toothache Pain

Tooth Knocked Out? What to Do

Weird…and Surprising

Kissing and Other Surprising Causes of Cavities

You Could Get Gum Disease…From Your Dog

Chronic Heartburn’s Unexpected Target: Teeth

Brush Your Teeth to Protect Your Breasts