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The fear and anxiety surrounding coronavirus are off the charts. But are people nervous for the right reasons? Or has the media fueled the fire with dire predictions that far exceed the reality of the numbers? As bad as COVID-19 is, how does it stack up versus other sicknesses? Is there another perspective regarding its spread? Award-winning doctor David Sherer thinks so! He joins Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner in this edition of the Bottom Line Advocator with Sarah Hiner.

Specific questions raised and topics covered …

  • Far fewer sick than expected—number distortions (3:52 – 7:52)
  • Diamond Princess Cruise Ship—real-world microcosm (7:52 – 11:07)
  • What happens once you start testing (11:07 – 12:17)
  • COVID was here before the outbreak was announced (12:17 – 13:02)
  • COVID 19 numbers vs. annual flu numbers (13:02 – 14:31)
  • Flu mortality rate vs. COVID-19 mortality rate (14:31 – 16:45)
  • Why is COVID-19 so uniquely scary? (16:45 – 18;32)
  • Vulnerability to new germs (18:32 – 21:47)
  • The truth about treating viral infections (21:47 – 25:42)
  • Off-label COVID-19 treatments in testing (25:42 – 30:47)
  • Ventilator and mask shortages—what’s true? (30:47 – 36:50)
  • Numbers alone sound scary—they must be put in perspective (36:50 – 39:37)
  • Beware collateral damage from the quarantine (39:37-44:50)
  • What happened to the goal of “bend the curve”? (44:50 – 49:11)
  • Confronting crises together (49:11 –

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