The good news about coffee keeps getting better.

The latest—a few cups a day might avert colon cancer, the third most common kind of cancer, which kills 50,000 Americans a year.

Although bioactive compounds in coffee have been thought to be protective against this common cancer, evidence has been lacking—until now. A new study of 9,000 men and women compared those who had recently been diagnosed with colorectal cancer with healthy controls. Results…

  • Those who drank one or two cups of coffee per day were 26% less likely to have colon cancer.
  • Those who drank 2.5 or more cups a day had 50% lower risk.

It didn’t matter what kind of coffee—the benefit was equal for espresso, instant, filtered and even decaffeinated. So if you can’t take the caffeine jolt of regular coffee, you can still get the benefits with decaf.

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