Colon cancer can be prevented! But periodic screening tests are not enough to do the job right. If you want to give yourself the best chance for avoiding colon cancer, there are other things that you must do…and things you should avoid doing, as well. But don’t worry—these things are easy once you know them.

In the Bottom Line Guide to Preventing Colon Cancer Naturally, our top experts tell you the best ways to keep you and your family colon cancer–free. For instance, we give you details about a disease-fighting diet that is specially tailored for warding off colon cancer…and what to avoid doing when cooking meat. (Don’t worry—there are much tastier alternatives!) Here’s why you shouldn’t overdo this essential vitamin (and how to get the right amount)…and why you should have plenty of this martini ingredient…get enough of these tasty herbs…and much, much more.

Read below for the details on these and many other powerful ways to prevent colon cancer and  improve the rest of your health as well…

What You Should Eat…

Foods That Fight Colon Cancer

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Had Enough Salmon and Blueberries?

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Disease-Fighting Diet—Customized Just for You

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Supplements You Need

The 3 Supplements Everyone Should Take

Antioxidant Supplements Reduce Colon Polyps

5 Supplements That Help Prevent Cancer Recurrence

Don’t Do This…

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