We all fear cancer and hope to never get it (or never get it again). There’s plenty of advice floating around for how to do that, but not all of it is correct, and even the bona fide scientific research often conflicts with other just as authoritative scientific research. So what’s your best plan for dodging the dreaded “C”?

We can help you figure that out.

Of course, no one can guarantee that you won’t get cancer. But you can do a lot to make your risk as low as possible. Bottom Line’s Guide to How to Stay Cancer-Free tells you about strategies that have been scientifically proven to help. And it goes way beyond the usual advice such as “exercise” and “don’t smoke” (duh!). For instance, our experts explain why donuts and soda raise your risk for certain particularly deadly cancers…what “healthy” breakfast habit makes you 74% more likely to develop a certain very common cancer…the popular drug that gives men a 92% higher risk for deadly skin melanoma…a special cancer concern for women taking drugs for high blood pressure…the “sushi trick” that makes a certain vegetable an even better cancer preventative…and much more!

Read below for how to give yourself and your family the best chance of never having cancer…

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