You know how important it is to take care of your bones to prevent (or live with) osteoporosis—but how to do that can be confusing. Drugs such as Boniva and Fosamax cause serious health issues—including the fractures they’re meant to prevent. Even simple calcium supplements can be problematic. But what else is there? The fact is, there are safe, effective drug-free ways to keep your bones strong and healthy.

Here’s the Bottom Line Guide to Strong Bones—for Life! This collection of in-depth articles tells you what you need to know about preventing osteoporosis and osteopenia—or dealing with them—from the right screening tests to the right supplements (way beyond calcium), foods and exercises that nourish and protect your bones. You’ll learn why you should check your ears and your heart if you have low bone density…what sweet, delicious fruit actually rebuilds bone…what Asian herbal tea prevents postmenopausal bone loss…the treatment men don’t get—but should…the bone strengthener that takes only 20 minutes a week…and more.

Read below for how to keep your bones strong and healthy and live longer…

Screening—What You Need to Know

Best Tests for Osteoporosis (for Women and Men)

New Rules on Bone Testing

Drug Dangers and Other Concerns

Are Your Bone-Building Drugs Bad for You?

Bone-Strengthening Drugs Can Cause Fractures

Brittle Bones—”Brittle” Heart

Osteoporosis and Men

Hidden Bone Loss Danger

Beyond Calcium—Supplements That Help

Way Beyond Calcium: Minerals Your Bones Need Most

Magnesium for Healthier Bones, Muscles, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure and More

Chinese Medicine for Stronger Bones

How Much Vitamin D Do Bones Need? Probably More Than You Think

Protect Your Bones from Osteoporosis with Resveratrol

Help for Broken Bones

Eat This, Not That

Dry Wrinkled Fruit…Strong Bones

Foods That Rob Your Bones of Calcium

Drug-Free Bone Builders

Move This Way

The Key to Muscle and Bone Strength

Yoga for Bone Health