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Adriane Berg, Esq., is a writer, a speaker and a pioneer in the field of longevity and aging. Her firm, Adriane Berg & Associates, helps companies market to the boomer and mature generations. She is author of Bottom Line’s “Aging for Beginners” blog and host of her own syndicated radio show, Generation Bold.

Adrianne’s mission at Generation Bold is to inspire adults to have a “kick-ass old age,” in which they stay active and continue to contribute to the world. Individuals can’t overcome ageism in society until they overcome ageism within themselves.

In this episode of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast, Adriane Berg joins Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner to discuss how to age successfully in today’s society.

Topics include:

  • Why Adriane changed careers from an elder-law attorney to an advocate for aging and longevity (1:45 – 5:20)
  • The three “amazing” changes Adriane has noticed about retirement planning over recent years (life expectancy, financial planning, wellness) (5:30 – 7:58)
  • Seniors’ approach to health and wellness (8:00 – 10:16)
  • Dealing with societal and internal ageism (10:19 – 15:40)
  • Adriane’s life mission and the importance of support when growing old (15:45 – 18:40)
  • How to handle getting pushed out of the business world when you have more to offer (18:41 – 22:10)
  • Adriane’s 7 activities for successful aging (22:15 – 42:25)
  • Tweenism as we age—it is not just for young people (42:30 – 47:25)

You can learn more about Adriane and her work by visiting her website https://adrianeberg.com.

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