Emotional Health

Emotional Health

Feeling Like a Fraud? How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Overcome the feeling that you’re not qualified. This six-step plan helps you realize that, yes, you are good enough.

Emotional Health

The Surprising Cause of Anxiety…and How to Heal It

Relieve your anxiety by eliminating toxic foods, pinpointing allergens, taking probiotics, and more.

Emotional Health

Things You Can Say to Opt Out of a Power Struggle

If you’re involved with a “gaslighter”—a spouse, coworker, family member or friend who tries to control you by manipulating your…

Emotional Health

Living a Full and Happy Life After a Traumatic Experience – With Christine Ristaino

Christine joins Sarah Hiner to tell the story of her traumatic past—which included molestation, rape and being mugged in front of her young children.

Soul Perspective

Where to Find Your Joy

Looking for joy in things, experiences, relationships, accomplishments etc., is an elusive pursuit. I'll tell you where I always see joy…

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

Dealing with Unspeakable Tragedy

When a patient’s wife died tragically on their honeymoon, this naturopath’s skills and empathy were tested beyond anything he had been prepared for.

At the Heart of It All

Find Your Happiness in the Face of Life’s Challenges

Being happy all the time is not real life. And would we even want to be happy all the time? Maybe the real problem is how we define happiness.


How to Deal with the Loss of a Pet

With time and the right strategies, you can get through this tough process.

Soul Perspective

How to Find Solid Footing When Life Seems So Unsteady

Our lives are like amusement park rides, up and down, up and down. Surprise movements often leave us feeling vulnerable. How to get through.

Soul Perspective

Need Help? Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for It

Asking for help when faced with a health scare, career hurdle or relationship on the rocks is not a sign a weakness but of strength. Five keys…

Emotional Health

Angry People Might Just Need More Sleep

Even brief amounts of missed sleep can lower your natural ability to deal with frustration and cause you to lash out in anger.

Emotional Health

Use Music to Feel Better

Music's power over our minds and bodies runs deep. Here’s how to use it to your advantage.

Soul Perspective

How to Have the Best Summer Ever

When Labor Day arrives, the most common refrain is, “The summer went by so fast!” Here’s how to reverse engineer your summer for the best one ever!

Aging for Beginners

Are You a Tweenager?

Being a “tween” isn’t just for adolescents. Older folks are finding themselves tweening as they look to semiretirement and beyond.

Emotional Health

How “Anticipatory Pushback” Is Creating Problems for Women in the Business World – with Dr. Mark Goulston

The formal recording session had ended, but Dr. Mark Goulston and Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner had a whole lot…