Last year, I did a TEDx talk about how our thoughts and intentions create our reality. One of the examples I used was about wanting to be a scenic designer ever since I saw my first Broadway show at the age of 7, and how I became one despite being kicked out of Yale Drama School.

Then I spoke about how I found a publisher after creating a positive affirmation card and viewing it many times throughout the day. The card read: “The Perfect Publisher Will Find Me.” And it worked! That company is currently in the process of releasing my 9th book.

I also told the audience how I wrote on my bucket list about my desire to do a TEDx talk, and how several weeks later I was asked to do one.

All of these examples—and more—are proof of how we create our own reality by what we think, our intentions and what we tell ourselves. Here are five ways anyone can harness his/her power of intention to create the world you want:

  1. Be clear about what you want. If your goal is to be happy, then start getting those things that make you unhappy out of your life. For example, if your job makes you miserable then start moving toward the kind of work that would make you happy. One way to start on that path would be to hang around with people who are already doing what you want to do.
  2. Write it down on paper. Write down some specifics of what would make you happy. In the job situation, make a detailed list of everything about the new employment you seek…exactly what it entails, where it is located, how much salary you will be making, etc. Putting desires on paper not only clarifies them, but also sets that energy in motion. Review your list often. Generally I have several things on the wall above my computer so that I see them everytime I’m at my desk, which is at least eight hours a day. Sometimes they are specific like, “United Airlines will upgrade me on flight #782 on May 22nd.” Other times it is more of a general affirmation like, “The world treats me like royalty wherever I go.”
  3. Forget about how it will manifest.You don’t have to figure out how what you seek will actually happen. Your job is to put your this-is-what-I-want energy out in the world and see what happens. If it is right, it will happen. If it is not right, it may not happen because you are supposed be doing something else…or it may be fulfilled down the road when you least expect it.
  4. Act on it. If you want to be happy, then start doing more joyful things. It’s great to contemplate what you want and to write them down to help make them a reality. But unless you also do something physical to achieve those desires, they may not happen. When I wanted to do a TEDx talk, I not only put it on the top of my bucket list but, at the same time, I went online to research how to apply to be a presenter. In addition, I interviewed other TEDx presenters to find out how they were selected to do one.
  5. Lighten up. Stop taking yourself so seriously! When we get overly serious, we put out negative energy. If you are struggling to find happiness, you are probably blocking it from coming into your life. Instead of clenching your fists because happiness seems to be eluding you, try welcoming it with joyful open arms.

In looking over the list in relation to happiness, you’ll see that the five steps are not only a way to obtain the tangible things you want in life, but the intangible as well. Remember: If you want to be a happier person then you need to start doing things to attract that happiness.

By the way…if you’re interested, click here to view my TEDx talk.

You can learn more about Allen Klein and his work by visiting his website or by reading his book Secrets Kids Know… that Adults Oughta Learn.

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