2020’s Top 10 Ways to Boost Immunity


Help Your Body Fight ­COVID-19—Naturally

Immune-boosting supplements may protect against coronavirus but can be dangerous if you develop COVID-19. Best supplements to help defend and help heal...


Immune-Boosting Recipes that are Bursting with Flavor

Roast Cod with Fennel & Tomatoes…Chicken Almond Satay Wraps…Roasted Sweet Potato & Kale Quinoa Bowl…and more. Super-delicious, super-easy, super-healthy.


9 Ways to Love Your Liver

Detox your liver daily with 9 easy steps. A well-functioning liver helps your whole body work better...

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

7 Immune-Boosting Tricks to Stay Healthier

The greatest gift you can give yourself is health. Here are seven simple tricks to build your body’s defense system naturally…this season and always.


Improve Your Chances Against COVID-19 and Other Diseases with Simple Food Choices—Sarah Hiner Talks With Dr. William Li

Simple foods and drinks can vastly improve your chances against COVID-19 and other sicknesses. Dr. William Li, author of Eat to Beat Disease, shares his wisdom.


Hack Your DNA and Strengthen Your Immune System with the Power of Your Mind—Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Brian Ramos, Author of Art of Stress-Free Living: Reprogram Your Life from the Inside Out

Combining neuroscience and the wisdom of yoga, Dr. Brian Ramos teaches listeners to hack their DNA for a longer, healthier life. Dr. Ramos shares his secrets with Sarah Hiner.

Vitamins & Minerals

Immune-Boosting Supplements

Vitamin C is crucial, but Dr. Rubman recommends getting more of this vitamin through a healthy diet, not simply relying on a pill.


Strengthening the Gut Microbiome in the Era of COVID-19

COVID-19 infection can cause a dangerous immune system “inflammatory storm.” The right foods can help your body effectively fight an infection.


Use Sleep to Strengthen Your Defense System—Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

Even just a little more sleep can help protect you from COVID-19 and other illnesses. Here’s Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum’s best advice for getting to sleep and staying asleep.


One-Minute Immune Booster: Your Daily Shower

Hot water, cold water, hot water. This simple routine, called “contrast bathing,” is invigorating and restorative.