2020’s Top 10 Tips for Homeowners


The Latest Tech to Keep Seniors Safe and Independent at Home

High-tech wearables and more to help seniors stay safe when living alone.

Home Improvements

5 Big Indoor Lighting Mistakes—and How to Fix Them

One common lighting mistake is not having any shimmering lights. They make people feel good. Others include too much overhead light, not enough shadow.


Great Ways to Attract More Birds to Your Yard

Don’t think that if you just choose the right bird seed you will win over flocks of backyard birds. Try these other tricks to entice them.

Home Improvements

Annoying Home Problems You Can Fix Yourself

You don’t have to live with annoying home problems ranging from holes in screens and rusted dishwasher racks to squeaky floors and stuck drawers.


How to Create a Home Office in a Small Space

Avoid these mistakes when squeezing a home office into a living space.

Exercise Equipment

The Best Home Gym Equipment Now

We answer the key questions on how to choose home gym equipment that suits you and that you can afford.

Web & Social Media

Best Wi-Fi Devices to Boost Your Internet

Here are some of today’s best products to improve Wi-Fi speed and eliminate dead zones.

Home Improvements

Create a More Inviting Dining Room

The right chair height, table shape and wall color can make all the difference when you decorate your dining room.


The Best Home Printers to Suit Your Needs

Printers vary widely in features and present tradeoffs in costs. Here are the best inkjet and laser printers…options for black & white only or color.

Home Improvements

Best Portable Generators to Get You Through a Power Outage

A gas-powered generator or backup battery system can keep your lights on and run a few key home appliances and functions. Here are some of the best.