2020’s Top 10 Health Breakthroughs


The Oxygen Factor: Nobel Prize Winner Opens Door for Groundbreaking Medical Advances

Medical breakthroughs don’t happen overnight. Now, Nobel Prize-winning research that began 24 years ago may lead to new treatments for cancer and more…


Beware of Popular Drugs Linked to Dementia

Certain drugs for depression, nausea and more increase risk for dementia, but new research shows they are still being used. How to protect yourself…


Opioids After Surgery? Not So Fast

Opioids have been commonly used to control pain after surgery, but this approach is being modified with new nonaddictive methods. Read on…

Generic Medicine

Generic Drugs: They’re Not as Safe as You Think

Every year, doctors in the US write nearly six billion prescriptions...


Lessons Learned About Patient Self-Advocacy—Sarah Hiner Talks to Amy Dixon, Blind US Paratriathlon National Team Member

Navigating the health-care system—doctors’ gatekeepers, insurance, frightening tests and procedures—from Amy Dixon, blind US Paratriathlon National Team Member.

Diet & Nutrition

For Better Health, Balance Your Hormones with Food

Most people equate hormonal imbalances with hot flashes and mood swings in menopausal women.


Live a More Purposeful Life as You Age

The aging brain has a lot going for it. You can be more productive and creative than ever before…


After a COVID-19 Infection: Healing Your Brain and Body

The four natural pillars to nourish yourself back to health—the right supplements…healthiest foods…getting your tissues much-needed oxygen and more.


Got Diabetes? Here’s How to Do a Better Job of Tracking Your Glucose

For decades, people with diabetes have relied on finger sticks to track their blood sugar. Continuous glucose monitoring is worth considering. Read on…


Strengthening the Gut Microbiome in the Era of COVID-19

COVID-19 infection can cause a dangerous immune system “inflammatory storm.” The right foods can help your body effectively fight an infection.